Q: Why does my anti virus program report that Winamp Info Tool is maleware?

A: Winamp Info Tool is written in NSIS, which is using a LZMA compression.
Some AV software wrongly detect compressed installers as maleware. If you have such issues, contact the provider of your AV software so that they can validate that the tool is clean
and provide updated virus signatures which removes the false positve

Q: Can I save my report files on removable drives, like USB sticks or external drives?

A: Sure, you can save your report files wherever you want.

Q: Is the tool sending/receiving any information to/from the internet?

A: No, the tool doesn't require an internet connection at all. Only if you are using the 'Check for update' button, it will
download a simple text file from the website to compare the installed version with latest available version.

Q: Why is there no more Windows XP support?

A: Winamp Info Tool is written in Unicode, XP doesn't support all Unicode chars, in the past I made workarounds, but I'm not interested in fixing XP only glitches anymore.

Q: Is Rar compression along with Zip/7-Zip planned?

A: No, WinRar isn't free and with 7-Zip you already have the best option for compressed report files.

Q: Does the tool support the x64 version of 7-Zip?

A: No, I've tested x86 vs x64 7-Zip command line versions, in an ideal scenario the time you can save is ~1 second for both Zip and 7-Zip archives.
On the other hand it would increase the Winamp Info Tool file size by ~1MB which is not worth it.

Q: The tool is useful for me, how can I support it?

A: The tool is written and maintained by one single person, who spent a lot of time on it. If you want to support it, you can make a donation or if you are able to
translate it in your native language that would be great too.