Winamp Backup Tool
Download: Winamp Backup Tool
Version: 3.6.4 (Build 3282)
Release date: 19-12-2022
File Size: 885 KB
SHA256 checksum: 74bd7d5e622977eebfadbb425f2e0488bbdc6f2aab61aeca93d88ece1f14c31f
Included languages: br cz de jp us
License: Freeware (for non commercial use only)
System requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Winamp 5.66 and above, Administration privileges
last build which supports XP/Vista is available here: Link
100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia
100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia


Tired of losing your library database? Do you need the ability to move your Winamp config from one PC to another? Enjoy the ultimate Backup Tool for Winamp!
The tool was written by Christoph Grether.

A lot of people posted in the forums, that they have lost their library database, so I had the idea to create a Backup Tool, using NSIS as program language. The main idea was, that NSIS provides a step by step wizard for installers and already has a built-in localization system. So I decided to write the tool in 2010.

Since I'm using Winamp for a very long time, I was aware about all dependencies with saved settings for the native components and for 3rd party components. Though, there were a lot of other problems, so I asked Paweł for help. He wrote a lot of backend code and code for the GUI, so that I had enough time to work on the main backup system.

As of today, the tool is the best and most safe way to save all Winamp related settings, databases, skins, visualization presets etc. Even if some people still prepare to simply backup their Winamp settings folder, the tool is the better choice. Because the Winamp settings folder only holds settings for the native components (exluding Winamp Pro Registration Data, Skins, Vis Presets and especially 3rd party configuration files).
Thanks go to Paweł Porwisz, who helped during the 1.0 period with a lot of code and Darren Owen.


  • Allows you to backup/restore all of your Winamp settings, media library database, plugin settings, skins, visualization presets, tray control icon packs, file type icon libraries and even your Winamp Pro reg data!
  • Allows you to create several zip compressed backup archives!
  • Allows you to transfer all your settings to another PC
  • Very nice interface with a step by step wizard
  • The tool is very fast
  • The tool is aware about all of the dependencies of the many Winamp settings
  • The tool remembers your settings for next backup/restoration
  • The tool can create powerful, valid HTML5 log files for backup and restoration mode
  • Choose between standard Zip and 7-Zip compression for your backup files
  • Tool is available in several languages!


Download: Winamp Backup Tool English Example File
Version: v3.1
Release date: 30-07-2018

The tool is fully translatable. If you want to translate the tool into your language, download and translate the above example file. Please read careful the info provided in the language file.

You can send me your language file via mail or if you have xlat access, simply upload it to xlat.
The file was optimized for Notepad++.